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Dracarys box art cover
By avatar Archangel00 20 on January 14th, 2018
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I made diss
as an assignment :"(
but at least i go all out (well almost). it's just a prank guys dont take it seriously . i put some reference and my lecturer doesn't know shiitss XD

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EMINEM 3 [ 5 years ago ]

it would be better and much brighter and more beautiful if you used a rendering on the front like the one that you have screenshots...

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Archangel00 20 [ 5 years ago ]

i wanted too, but my drawing is kinda shid, soo i rely heavily with photo stocks and textures, thank you for the suggestions :)

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EER6P8U13CX 1 [ 4 years ago ]

What the fuck? How is art this good on this website? Best thing ever.

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