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Mortal Kombat 11 box art cover
By avatar Wolfenstein The Old 38 on March 3rd, 2019
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ncocs 33 [ 2 years ago ]

None of your recent boxes have been unsuccessful. Honestly, I could probably see packaging like this on the shelves at a GameStop. Despite that, though, there's a feeling of thoughtlessness that accompanies each box, as though you whipped it up as quick as possible without any concept or idea. You clearly have some degree of talent, and other than a few aesthetic choices here and there, you have a pretty good eye. I would challenge you to put thought into a box—come up with a concept, and execute that concept using the box as a vehicle for it.

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Wolfenstein The Old 38 [ 2 years ago ]

))))))))))) okay bro you clearly explained the course of your thoughts.
1 What is the success of the box in your opinion?
2 the success of the box in your opinion in the number of favs?
3 I devote more time to the presentation and appearance because it is the presentation and the appearance that most I'm interested in all this shit
4 when I will be interested in the concept you will notice
PS: I don't care about your favs i just do what i like....

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